the printer

I got this printer used for close to nothing and it’s been working tirelessly for 2 years now. Until it didn’t. When I tried to replace the toner, I accidentally broke the paper exit guide, a flimsy piece of plastic with little wheels that ensures that paper is pulled out of the printer. Without it, your paper will get stuck right before it comes out of the printer and you get a jam.

Google for “paper exit guide” and you’ll find a ton of people suffering from the same problem. Glueing the two broken pieces together is a total waste of time, because it’s like glueing a broken fishing rod, then trying to lift a fish with it. Replacing this piece is either impossible, or costly, or both.

The Solution

Adding a brace to hold the two pieces together was an easy, 30 minute solution.

Here’s what the final result looks like: the printer

Drill four holes to fasten the two broken pieces onto the brace:

the printer the printer

Here are some profile pictures:

the printer the printer